Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Hole-In-The-Wall Sushi

Small storefront, unappealing signage, only four two-person tables - Kyoto Sushi fits the ticket for a hole in the wall. But that's no reason to overlook this small establishment on Lexington Avenue, between 83rd and 84th Streets. The sushi here is quite good. And while good sushi isn't so hard to come by in New York City, other things at sushi restaurants are:

Cheap prices. It is easy to get a very affordable meal here, which I'm sure is music to everybody's ears during these tough financial times. They even have a lunch special where you get two sushi rolls, soup, and salad for under $10. Hm, maybe I'll have that today.

Friendly service. The people who work here are really nice. Always smiling, always willing to oblige. Which contributes to the...

Overall good feel
to the restaurant. The four tables make it a very cozy environment for a lunch break from work.

Fast service. Almost everything I have ordered from here has taken less than five-six minutes to prepare. Good for if you're in a rush or just really, really hungry.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coffee Pick of the Month: The Muffins Cafe

This coffee is really good. So good that I once walked 30 blocks, passing who-knows-how-many other coffee shops, just to have Muffins Cafe's coffee. Now that I've written that down, it does seem a little excessive.

Anyway, Muffins Cafe is located on 70th Street and Columbus Avenue. This is perfect weather for grabbing a cup and then walking two blocks east to the park to enjoy the crisp air and perfectly brewed coffee.

And no, I have never tried their muffins. Funny how that works, no?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "What's That Architectural Detail?" Game

I have been busy/uninspired, and that seems to have led to neglecting Architectural Appetite - poor thing. And to think I would do so right before Open House New York, which is sort of New York City's Architecture Appreciation Day(s). Well, sorry not to remind you of that until now - maybe next year?

Anyway, the Museum of the City of New York recently announced that the first phase of their $97 million dollar renovation is complete! The project is being taken on by Polshek, and the completed phase includes a 3,000 square foot glass pavilion, and an expansion underground. Probably safe to build below instead of above, considering the original MCNY building is a landmark and undermining its original structure is mean. (Does anyone ever notice the landmark that's under the Hearst Tower? Are you asking yourself "what landmark?" Exactly.)

In reading about the renovation, I came across this image:

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what that thing coming down from the ceiling could be. It's kind of in the shape of a vacuum cleaner, no? Or a foot? Maybe it's a desk that has the ability to shoot files up to the second floor? Or maybe a display case? If anyone knows or can figure this out, please let me know so I will be able to sleep tonight.