Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Landmarked Art Deco Theater Finally Sold

The Metro Theater, originally named Midtown Theater, is a lovely little Art Deco landmark located on Broadway between 99th and 100th Streets. Back in the day (umm...three years ago?), this was the only independent movie theater in the Upper Upper West Side neighborhood and it was cheap (comparatively) and cute (in a somewhat rundown kind of way). Unfortunately, even movie goers took this place for granted, no one ever went to see films there, and it was closed. Cue crying on the inside.

With its air rights now in ownership of the super-tall monstrosity known as the Ariel East to its left and its NYC landmark status guaranteeing a tough road to make any major changes to the exterior, it has been quite difficult for the owners to sell this piece of property. After a few months of lingering on the market, the theater was gutted. And after a few more months, absurd pictures of what kind retail designs stores could put up on the facade (designs that most likely would not actually be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission - I hope) were plastered to the theater's glass doors and somehow ended up scattered around the Internet.

Well, the theater finally sold. And guess what it's going to be? A 15,000 square foot Urban Outfitters. Yeah, just let that one sink in for a while.

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Ariel said...

My stomach just dropped.

Isn't it enough that there's an enormous Urban Outfitters at 72nd Street?

Q: What is our lovely Upper Upper West Side coming to...or rather, succumbing to?

A: Hipster consumerism. Big big big sad face.